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Respect the Day 2020

Respect the Day is a campaign to remind people of the special significance of ANZAC Day and to encourage Australians to reflect on how we should behave on this sacred day.

Our concept of this campaign is to complement the programs of activities and services that Sub-branches and clubs conduct in the lead up to, and on Anzac Day.

Our goal with the campaign is to increase understanding, particularly among younger people and recent Australians, of the purpose and focus of Anzac Day and how they should act around Anzac Day.

Through the campaign, we want to attract even greater numbers to services and marches, and we want good, positive behaviour by younger people, treating veterans with respect, understanding that their freedoms and lifestyle were made possible by the bravery and sacrifice of all who served in uniform to defend our country and its values.


“Respect The Day” is designed to educate younger people and newer Australians about the significance of Anzac Day, the reasons it is held, and to remind them how they should act on the day.

There are four sub-themes to this campaign:

• Celebrate Our Freedoms
• Remember their Sacrifice
• Honour Our Traditions
• Look After Your Mates

The campaign is not about stopping young people having a drink on Anzac Day. That would be counter-productive for RSL Clubs! It is about encouraging them to not get wasted and act badly on the day but remember what it is about and act with respect.

Flow Commotion:

A young Australian acoustic band by the name of Flow Commotion have released a new track “Respect the Day” as part of an Anzac Day campaign run by the RSL & Services Clubs Association called ‘Respect the Day’.

Flow Commotion have delivered a lyrically and melodically inspiring tune, reflecting the emotion attached to this important day in Australian history.

The song “Respect the day” was written as a reflection on the importance of ANZAC day, and to convey a message that highlights the importance of honouring the diggers who fought for the safety and security that we enjoy.

“Respect the Day” is based around a powerful lyrical message, a message that is communicated through a vocal-orientated, soft-rock approach.

Flow Commotion’s NEW song “Respect the Day” is out now via Spotify and Apple Music.

If you would like to know more please contact Brad Smith Marketing & Communications Manager at the Association office on 02 9233 2624. 

                                    Watch the 'RESPECT THE DAY' video                                                                 Watch Flow Commotions NEW song "Respect the Day"