RSL & Services Clubs

Respect the Day 2019

The RSL & Services Clubs Association is working with our member and non-member clubs on this campaign called “Respect The Day”. It is designed to educate younger people and newer Australians about the significance of Anzac Day, the reasons it is held, and to remind them how they should act on the day. There are four sub-themes to this campaign:

• Celebrate Our Freedoms
• Remember their Sacrifice
• Honour Our Traditions
• Look After Your Mates

The campaign is not about stopping young people having a drink on Anzac Day. That would be counter-productive for RSL Clubs! It is about encouraging them to not get wasted and act badly on the day but remember what it is about and act with respect.

Participating Clubs will be sent a complete marketing kit which will have a video, artwork files of a poster, pull up banner and A5 flyer plus social media graphics, media releases, TV Graphic etc all sent to marketing managers of the clubs with a schedule of important dates to implement these assets.

Please have your CEO, General Manager or Marketing Manager contact Brad Smith ASAP to confirm your Club’s participation in this important campaign.

If you would like to know more please contact the Association office on 02 9233 2624.