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National RSL & Services Clubs Conference 2020

The 2020 National RSL & Services Clubs Conference will be held in Hobart at The NEW Crowne Plaza Hobart 17th - 19th May. 

Resilience is defined as how well we adapt to events or change in our lives. We all have a measure of resilience – it’s in our DNA, the question is how much do we have and how do we use it when it is called upon.

For two days in the historic city of Hobart, we will be introduced to some extraordinary people who have found themselves in situations where they have had to find the courage to change their lives and re-imagine their future. They will teach us that great things can happen if we are willing to try.

The workshops will provide practical information on how to use resilience in the workplace and in our everyday lives and will provide us with the tools we need to be resilient industry leaders.

At the 2020 RSL & Services Clubs Conference you will be introduced to some remarkable people who have taken the word resilient to a new level and shaped it into something extraordinary. Nigel Brennans’ amazing story of being kidnapped and held hostage will have you at the edge of your seat. Veteran Harry Moffitt’s moving stories of his work with the SAS and the mental toughness he has employed to deal with his past and reinvent his future will lift your spirits.  Matthew Evans story will make you laugh and inspire you to have a go no matter what the hurdles or the challenges if you are committed.

In the business workshops you will learn the first steps in how to build resilience in your workplace.  Utilising these learned skills in your relationships with family and friends as well as colleagues as you are encouraged to explore your own mindset and mental tenacity.

But before you embark on this voyage of resilience why not take the opportunity to explore beautiful Tasmania? The Tourism Tasmania website  and the Discover Tasmania Website can assist you in planning a holiday in this most diverse and beautiful part of Australia.

We would like to thank you all in anticipation of your continued support of this 2020 RSL & Services Clubs Conference and we will look forward to seeing you all in magnificent Hobart for some learning, fun and RSL mateship and maybe a bit of resilience along the way.

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