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Kokoda...the spirit lives DVD


The men who fought. The sacrifices they made. The spirit that sustained them.

In late August 2017, the RSL & Services Clubs Association along with RSL Clubs across NSW, VIC and QLD held a special World Premiere screening of the new documentary, Kokoda…the Spirit Lives. The date of the first screening was the 29th August which coincided with the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Isurava in the Kokoda Campaign of 1942, a key event in the ultimate Australian victory over the Japanese invasion of Papua New Guinea.

The Kokoda campaign was the most important victory that Aussie troops have ever achieved in warfare and stopped the Japanese invasion which, if it had succeeded, could have led to direct invasion of mainland Australia.

The feature-length documentary KOKODA …THE SPIRIT LIVES DVD honours the remarkable achievements of the Diggers of Kokoda as they tell their own story in their own words. As seen at Special RSL Clubs’ Screenings, where the Diggers gave the best recommendations:

“… absolutely magnificent – quite the best documentary of Kokoda produced!” Alan ‘Kanga’ Moore, Kokoda veteran

“Brilliantly narrated and visual documentary on the entire Kokoda campaign.” George Cops, Kokoda veteran

KOKODA … THE SPIRIT LIVES is available as a double DVD (bonus DVD, KOKODA …THE LAST PARADE, the story of the Kokoda Diggers’ pilgrimage to farewell the mates they left behind)

Orders can be made via the Australian War Memorial website CLICK HERE

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You can watch the trailer for Kokoda...the spirit lives by CLICKING HERE

DVD includes a bonus documentary Kokoda... the last parade | DVD [2 discs], English language

Rating: E (Exempt from classification) | Duration: 43 minutes