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Fit For 2020

Welcome to FIT FOR 2020!

The Fit for 2020 Business Development Program is structured to provide all RSL and Services Clubs with a clear pathway to strengthening your Club’s capacity to respond to whatever comes your way over the next decade.

The last ten years have shown incredible changes in the way people communicate, engage with each other, find out about what is available and purchase products and services. The digital age has totally changed consumer tastes, expectations, expenditures and behaviours.

What will happen in the next ten years? Technological advancements are hard to predict, but we do know that there will be more change and our Clubs have to be able to adapt and respond to new innovations or disappear from the landscape!

The Fit for 2020 Program is about reviewing and restructuring all of the key elements of your management to ensure that your Club is flexible, dynamic and adaptable – so whatever happens, you can accommodate new behaviours, consumer demands and spending patterns. It’s not about trying to predict the future. It IS about being part of the future!

It is up to your Club Board and Management team to engage the particular industry expertise required to undertake each step on this roadmap to 2020. The companies and consultants listed in the Fit for 2020 Program – our Fit for 2020 Partners - are the industry’s best, and our Association encourages you to work with them on all of the elements in the Program. You may already have established relationships with particular companies or individuals and you should continue to work with those you trust.

What is VITAL for your future sustainability and profitability is to undertake all seven steps in the Fit for 2020 Program over the next three years to prepare your business for the competitive challenges of the next decade. Even if you feel you have done one or more of these steps recently, you should still review your progress and ensure your previous plans are still relevant and responsive to current trends.

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The first step is to seek an initial free consultation with each Fit for 2020 Partner to understand the particular issues and requirements for your Club in their particular area of service. From that consultation, the Partner will structure a plan and will provide details of the specific services and fees to complete those tasks with you. The normal processes still operate in your management’s decisions on engagement with these companies. There is no “one size fits all” approach – each Club’s needs and issues will be different and the steps and activities required to position your club for the future will be specific to your business.

The RSL & Services Clubs Association has an obligation and a duty to our member clubs to ensure your structures and operations are best equipped to be successful, sustainable and profitable into the future. We want as many RSL and Services Clubs as possible to continue to serve their local communities and deliver great experiences for your members.

The Fit for 2020 Program is our means to achieve this goal and to ensure the continued success of our members for many years to come!