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The Association has a new online information and advice program called “ Evolve”, brought to you by MAX, which provides clubs and corporate partners with a range of opportunities to share ideas, strategies and experiences to manage the reopening and operation of clubs into the future. There is NO cost to anyone to access this new service.

On Wednesday 3rd June at 1.00pm the second of our Webinar series, “In the Know” will be broadcast via Zoom. The session will run for about 45 minutes.

The topic is Protecting cashflow, financial sustainability & profit. All Club CEOs and GMs, Club Directors, Chief Financial Officers and Operations Managers and invited to participate by registering on the link below.

The Panellists in this webinar and the topics they will cover are:

Greg Russell, Partner, Russell Corporate Advisory

  • History may be no guide to the future
  • This crisis means all of your previous plans need to be reviewed, adjusted or dismissed as no longer relevant
  • Financial planning should incorporate increased conservatism
  • The need for dynamic forecasting has never been greater

Henry Kiwarkis, General Manager, Sales, Banktech

  • Cash vs EFTPOS – how does this affect my business?
  • Cash float requirements – how much cash do I need to open my doors and where do I get it?
  • Cash devices – how do I get them ready?

Clayton Eveleigh, Partner, Audit, BDO

  • The benefits of timely management and financial reporting in decision making
  • The importance of a realistic weekly cash flow forecast and the value of 3 way modelling
  • The risks around the stimulus measures
  •  It’s time to revisit your cost base

If you have particular issues or questions that you want answered in this Webinar, please send these IMMEDIATELY to Garrie Gibson, the Moderator of the session:

As a registered participant, you will be able to submit questions during the presentations and we will try to answer as many as we can.