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An interactive Educational Kiosk for your Club

The Australians at War Kiosk

The Australians at War Kiosk was developed by Page 2 Productions to educate the community on Australia’s involvement in military engagements and peacekeeping exercises from World War 1 to the current day. It highlights the sacrifice our servicemen have made across the last 100 years in an entertaining, respectful and compelling way, and in a format suitable for all ages. It will complement and enrich the commemorative area within any Australian RSL or Services club.

Furthermore it’s very much in the spirit of the 100 Years of Anzac commemoration (2014-2018) marking 100 years since our nation’s involvement in the First World War.

Inspiring Content
The kiosk features an interactive touchscreen display and presents high quality documentary style videos on Australia’s involvement in World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam and in Modern Warfare with the emphasis on easy to understand facts on where, when and why conflicts have occurred.

Each professionally narrated video includes wartime imagery brought to life through 2.5D animation and a stirring musical score.

Customise Your Kiosk
On top of the compelling content that comes standard in the Australians at War Kiosk, Page 2 encourages clubs to contribute their own content truly localising the kiosk for each club. Content such as an Honour Roll, interviews with local returned service men and women, and footage of Anzac Day marches can be integrated into the main menu increasing the relevance to local communities.

Make the Most of the Content
Page 2 Productions also encourages clubs to make use of the Australians at War content outside their kiosk*. With Page 2’s assistance, it can be easily transferred to a PC tablet to take into school classrooms or played through a projector at club events.

Contact Page 2 Productions for details on 02 9634 6265 or
* Usage must adhere to your Content Licence Agreement