RSL & Services Clubs

Partnership Opportunities


With growing demands on your business, we understand that any commitment to our Association requires a
positive return on investment and increased marketing and promotional opportunities for you.

Partner with a community of over 150 RSL and Services Clubs across NSW with more than two million members.

We believe our partnership package offers your business the flexibility, recognition and engagement that you deserve.

The level of input and involvement by our corporate partners is up to the individual organisation - the flexibility of our partnerships is to ensure your
organisation benefits from the partnership through increased exposure and sales opportunities.

Your commitment will also be recognised by the following levels of annual partnerships:


Please download a copy of our 2019_Corporate Partnership Proposal Booklet.pdf

Not every business is the same and the RSL & Services Clubs Association recognises that your business needs are
different to the next. With this in mind, you can select thebest option to suit your requirements.

A Corporate Partner Agreement will be drafted, listing the specific Opportunities your company has selected,
and the level of investment being made, for your approval and signature.

To enquire about Partnership with RSL & Services Clubs Association,
please contact Garrie Gibson on 02 9233 2624 or 0417 626 853.