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Teneill Sawyer April 2007


The Kokoda Trail changed my life in more ways than one, I became more independent and I don't take anything in my life for granted. Seeing how the Papua New Guinea Tribes lived was shocking. Their life style compared to ours is so much different. There were many people living in poverty who were still happier than the people who live in Australia and have everything. I never knew that something like walking the Kokoda Trail would change me as a person and my outlook on life.

My experiences when I walked the track and after I walked the track were intense. There were so many goals and hidden inspirations when walking the track. John Nalder our track leader helped me get through the tough times in his own way, when he let me wear his father’s identity tags from World War 2 that only John and his son had worn. It was just amazing. Just from knowing I had accomplished something that no one else had done before was incredible. Leading the group to the finish line with Jonathon Reid was something I will never forget.
My best experience after walking the track was when I moved to Sydney on my own at the end of 2008 to finish my HSC. I got to live a city life for a while where I made many friends that I’ll never forget.

Thank you
Teneill Sawyer

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