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Amanda-Christina Clarke August 2009

I Amanda Clarke participated in the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge in 2009.
Since the trek almost Seven months ago, my life has changed drastically.

To already reflect back on the experience, and be able to see the many changes and opportunities that it has brought to my life has thrilled me with huge excitement for the future. I have been more confident in the last Seven months then I have been in my entire life. I have tackled some goals that I have always wanted too, yet did not have the confidence or self-belief to do so. I can honestly say that I am living the life I had always imagined, and continue to work towards the goals I have not yet achieved. The saying “Don’t think but Do” really has applied to me the last several months. Instead of just thinking about doing things, I now step out and do them. For me personally, this has been the biggest change.
My family and friends are seeing a whole new positive, happier, more settled and more appreciative person.

Since kokoda, I have changed jobs, moved into a new home and area, gone back to Studying and have joined social and sporting groups that I has always wanted to join, but didn’t do due to lack of time or simply fear. I now make time for everything.
I never complain about walking long distances, make more of an effort to see my family and friends on a regular basis (work now comes second), I’ve been Much more positive mentally then I ever have been and really try my best to keep true to balancing work and life.
Kokoda basically taught me to take the good with the bad and to be emotionally and physically present within each moment of time. I give more attention to the little things in life now, and observe my surrounding more then what I use to. Technically now, I wake up every morning with purpose. I tackle things with a lot more focus and have done things recently that put me outside my comfort zone. This very act alone has helped my confidence and self-belief skyrocket and I now look forward to my future with a little more excitement and enthusiasm.