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Winter Fire Safety Campaign



Winter is here and for firefighters this represents the busiest time of year for fires in the home.

In conjunction with Fire & Rescue NSW’s (FRNSW) Winter Fire Safety Campaign which runs from 1st of June until 31st of August, RSL and Services Clubs will hold a Winter Fire Safety Week in July 2017.

FRNSW’s campaign focuses on kitchen fires caused by cooking left unattended. Firefighters are encouraging the community to follow the campaign slogan ‘Keep Looking When Cooking’ to reduce fire incidents in the kitchen this winter. Of the 4,254 residential fires attended in NSW each year approximately 47% of these fires were in the kitchen and most of these are due to people leaving their cooking unattended. FRNSW data suggests that these fires contribute to 46% of fire related injuries. One reason for this high injury statistic is due to people returning to the kitchen and finding their cooking alight, they try to move the pots/pans causing themselves injury.

RSL and Services Clubs can get involved with the campaign by engaging their local fire stations to attend Club events and functions such as Bingo during Winter Fire Safety Week to promote awareness of these important messages.

The Association will be distributing more information to Clubs in June and July to enable you to be involved. Your local Fire station will also contact Club Managers to seek your support.

For information on how you can be involved, please contact the RSL & Service Clubs Association on 02 9233 2624 or by email to 

The date for the 2017 campaign has yet to be advised.


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