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Energy Action is a leading energy management consultancy firm committed to bringing innovation to energy management and delivering positive environmental and financial outcomes for our clients.

We are publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EAX) and authorised to provide financial product advice on electricity derivatives to wholesale clients under the Corporations Act AFSL no. 362843.

With over 160 employees, Energy Action has Australia's largest specialist team dedicated to serving our clients and providing the most innovative energy management solutions in Energy Procurement, Contract Management & Energy Reporting and Projects & Advisory Services (incorporating Exergy).

For over 10 years we have pioneered the way energy management services are provided for businesses:

- First reverse online platform for business energy procurement with our Australian
Energy Exchange, procuring over $7 billion dollars in total electricity contracts since 2009;

- Most transparent energy procurement process with all energy retailers able to participate in
our Australian Energy Exchange;

- Most advanced contract management and energy reporting platform powered by our Activ8
technology and with over 10 years of energy usage data it is the source of our unique Energy
Action Price Index (EAPI), which depicts energy pricing patterns and trends;

- Through Exergy the development and maintenance of the NABERS scheme in Australia,
New Zealand and South Africa.

To see how Energy Action has assisted Maroochydore RSL and Finely RSL please read their case study:
Maroochydore RSL (link with case study attached)
Finley RSL (link with case study attached)

For more information please contact Energy Action:

Phone: 1300 553 551